No one has been unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic and we know the short-term economic consequences have been significant. As we transition from responding to the crisis to preparing for a ‘new normal’ there are many challenges, and opportunities, for small businesses and policy makers to navigate.

As the UK’s leading research centre on small business and enterprise, we’ll be working closely with partners to help shape the right policies to enable the economy to move towards recovery. Our Covid-19 Resource Directory brings together all our research on issues such as innovation, productivity, job creation and business support, that will be vital for shaping future growth.

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Business Support Tools : Oxford Innovation GROWTHmapper® Recovery

ERC have supported Oxford Innovation in the creation of the GROWTHmapper® Recovery diagnostic and recovery planning tool.

The tool helps SMEs assesses their immediate needs and, in conjunction with an accredited GROWTHmapper® coach or advisor, creates an effective business management and recovery plan for the current Covid19 crisis.

A suite of tools developed by ERC accompanies the GROWTHmapper® report, giving SME leaders valuable resources to help them develop a business survival and recovery plan.

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