Robust analysis requires high quality data and one of the Enterprise Research Centre’s goals is to enable better exploitation of existing data on SME’s and support the development of new data sources. This page provides links to a range of data sources used in ERC analysis.

Firm level micro-data on the Secure Data Service

Much ERC analysis is based on firm-level micro-data accessed via a team project on the UK Data Service’s Secure Lab. This project area includes integrated data from the Business Structure Database (BSD), the Community Innovation Survey (CIS), and the Annual Business Survey (ABS) as well as cross-sectional datasets such as the Employer Skills Survey 2011. By linking these data-sets together and cross tabulating them for the first time, we can explore a wider variety of indices on firm characteristics and undertake longitudinal analyses to produce a more composite view of SME growth. Our longer term aim is to widen the number of data sources available to the Centre’s researchers and we are actively working with third parties to do so.

You can read more about all the data sources we routinely use. Click here to download our ERC Data Resource Guide.

We are keen to encourage research use of these datasets. If you are interested in having access to the ERC’s data project please contact either Mark Hart ([email protected]) or Stephen Roper ([email protected]).


The UK longitudinal small business survey

The Department of Business Innovation and Skills supported by a number of other Departments and Agencies recently commissioned the first wave of the UK Longitudinal Small Business Survey or LSBS. Covering around 15,500 respondents the LSBS builds on previous Small Business Surveys but is broader in scope and larger in size.  Anonymised data from the first wave of the LSBS will be deposited in the UK Data Archive in March/April 2016 following the publication of the initial analysis report by the Department.  Click here for  a link to the LSBS User Group  and additional resources.

The Irish innovation panel

The Irish Innovation Panel (IIP) provides data on the innovation activity of manufacturing plants in Ireland and Northern Ireland over the period 1994 to 2011. Click here for the  link to a number of resources related to the data set including survey questionnaires and summary reports not available elsewhere. If you are interested in using the IIP data or require more information about the data please contact either Stephen Roper ([email protected]), Nola Hewitt-Dundas ([email protected]) or Jim Love ([email protected]).

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