This research theme attempts to increase the participation rates of under-represented groups in enterprise and to increase the growth rates and ambitions of their entrepreneurial ventures, which have to date resulted in only modest changes.

Why is this? The research explores the drivers and barriers to business development and growth among diverse social groups with a focus on the inter-relationship between individuals’ entrepreneurial decision making and their household context. Find out more.

Meet the Team

The research on Diversity is led by Prof Sara Carter OBE with support from Professors Monder Ram OBE, Kiran Trehan and Drs Drew Gertner and Sam Mwaura. The research team is split between Strathclyde and Birmingham Business Schools. Each centre is taking the lead for a particular business population. At Strathclyde, the focus has been on developing policy and practice relationships around women-owned businesses; in Birmingham, the focus has been primarily on developing work around Ethnic Minority Businesses.