Dr Bettina Becker

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Aston Business School

Bettina’s main research interests are in R&D and innovation, foreign direct investment, SMEs and growth, and firm performance. She has been Co-applicant and CI of research projects funded by the Anglo-German Foundation, the ESRC, and the German Research Foundation (DFG). Bettina has published in international journals including Regional Studies, Small Business Economics, and International Journal of Finance and Economics.
She has guest-edited a special issue of Economic Modelling and has experience as grant application reviewer for the ESRC.

Dr Jane Bourke

Lecturer in Economics

Dr. Jane Bourke is a lecturer in Economics at University College Cork. Jane holds BComm and MEconSc degrees from University College Cork and a PhD from Warwick Business School. Jane’s research interests are in the area of innovation and technological change, as well as adoption and diffusion of innovations.

Dr Kevin Mole

Associate Professor of Enterprise & Head of Group

Kevin's expertise ranges across a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques: on external advice to small firms, the diagnosis of firm problems, policy choices in business support, firm growth and the adoption of new working practices in SMEs.

Dr Michael Anyadike-Danes

Senior Lecturer, Aston Business School

Michael has pioneered the use of the ONS Business Structures Database to study firm-level performance in the UK in a collaboration between the Economic Research Institute of Northern Ireland and Aston University.

Dr Stuart Fraser

Associate Professor of Enterprise, Warwick Business School

Stuart's research interests include small business finance; applied financial economics; econometric analysis of small business issues.

Professor Jun Du

Professor of Economics

Professor Jun Du is Professor of economics at Aston Business School, her research revolves around the evaluation and determinants of firm performance. She has extensive experience in collaborating with researchers nationally and internationally on projects on the measurement of firm productivity, the relationship between performance and R&D and innovation, finance and investment, ownership, political economy, and internationalisation.

Professor Andy Lockett

Warwick Business School

Andy is Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship and Pro-Dean at Warwick Business School. At the Centre he is jointly responsible for the research theme investigating Entrepreneurship Leadership and Capabilities and their impact on SME Growth.

Professor James H Love

Professor of International Business.

Jim Love Is Professor of International Business at Leeds University Business School. He previously held Chairs in international business and economics at Aston, Birmingham and Warwick Universities, and earlier worked in the economics department at Strathclyde University. His background is in applied microeconomics, principally in the fields of international business and innovation. Most of his work is empirical, using firm-level datasets. Jim is a senior researcher in the Enterprise Research Centre, an independent research organisation which conducts policy-relevant research on SME growth and development. His work here is innovation, exporting and growth in SMEs

Professor James Hayton

Associate Dean Doctoral Programme, Warwick Business School

James’ research interests are in the applied psychology of entrepreneurship and the application of HRM practices to the development of entrepreneurial capabilities in established organisations.

Professor Jonathan Levie

Director of Knowledge Exchange, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

Jonathan leads ERC's research theme exploring the impact of Entrepreneurial Ambition in SME growth. His research interests include venture growth, business model change and entrepreneurship policy.

Professor Mike Wright

Associate Director

Mike is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London. At the ERC he leads the research theme on finance and governance. His research interests include entrepreneurship, family businesses, entrepreneurial finance and governance.

Professor Monder Ram OBE

Director, Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME), Birmingham University

Monder has extensive experience working with, researching and acting as a consultant to small and ethnic minority businesses and is a leading authority on small business and ethnic minority entrepreneurship research and has published widely on the subject.

Professor Nola Hewitt-Dundas

Professor, Queen's University Belfast

Nola is Professor of Innovation Management and Policy at Queen’s and an ESRC-Innovate UK Innovation Caucus Thought Leader. Her research interests include the dynamics of innovation ecosystems, business innovation, technology transfer and networks with an emphasis on small and medium enterprises, business strategy and technology adoption. She has led and contributed to a wide range of public sector projects for national and international organisations.

Professor Sara Carter

Associate Director

Sara is Deputy Principal at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde University. At the ERC Sara leads the research on under represented groups in enterprise. Her research focuses extensively on entrepreneurship policy, gender, entrepreneurship and finance; and rewards and lifestyles within the entrepreneurial household.

Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz

Head of Economics & Strategy Group, Aston Business School

Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz joined Aston Business School in January 2012. He is now Head of the Economics and Strategy Group at Aston Business School. His previous position was Professor of Comparative Economics at SSEES University College London (since 2008), where he started as a lecturer in 1996. At the ERC he is part of the research team looking at Entrepreneurial Ambition.

Professor Ute Stephan

Chair of Entrepreneurship

Professor Ute Stephan is the Chair of Entrepreneurship at Aston University Birmingham (UK), the Director of the Aston Centre for Research into International Entrepreneurship and Business (ACRIEB), and editor-in-chief of Applied Psychology: An International Review.
Ute’s research focuses on the relationships between culture, institutions and entrepreneurship. Other research interests include social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial leadership, and motivation.