Knowledge diffusion, innovation and productivity – changing the game in Wales

The current Brexit debate is important and the structure of the UK’s trading and migration arrangements with our international neighbours will influence our future prosperity. However, other more fundamental long term issues remain important for the UK around productivity. UK productivity lags significantly behind that of our main international competitors and Wales is at the… Read more

Brexit – the innovation bonus

Innovation is always risky. New technologies may not perform, or may take longer to develop than first anticipated. Customers may react negatively to new products or services and innovation may provoke a strong competitive response from competitors. Will uncertainty linked to the post-Brexit settlement increase or depress firms’ appetite for taking these innovation risks? It… Read more

Midlands Engine- Some faulty valves ?

ERC Deputy Director, Professor Mark Hart  undertook research for the Financial Times Special report  “High Growth Companies create jobs and wealth. How can we create more of them?” published 4th October. Data produced by the ERC for the annual UK Growth Dashboard, to be published next month, formed the basis for the chart used in the report.  … Read more