October 2019 Press Coverage

This is Wiltshire Brexit uncertainty blamed as number of new Swindon start-ups plummets Swindon Advertiser Brexit uncertainty blamed as number of new Swindon start-ups plummets  Business News Wales Start-ups Slump as Entrepreneurs Brace for Brexit The Scotsman Deals are being made across Scotland at a healthy rate despite economic uncertainty Express and Star (Wolverhampton)Business Saving… Read more

Report : Understanding-value-added-per-employee-six-uk-sectors-insiders-view

New report published today Our new report with the Centre for Progressive Policy uses insights from more than 80 industry insiders across 6 sectors to highlight the disconnect in understanding between policymakers & firms themselves. Alongside the report read the blog written by Thomas Aubrey of the CPP.

The time has come to sharpen the focus on productivity

Raising productivity is often cited as one of the UK’s most important economic challenges. On the surface of it, improving productivity sounds like a pretty straightforward idea to grasp. It’s about economies, workplaces and people being more efficient, increasing the volume of goods created in relation to the inputs used to produce them. But in… Read more