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August 2019 Press Coverage

100 Stories Blog 01/08/2019  4 things we learned about entrepreneurs from the 2018 GEM report The Business Post 11/08/2019 The economy is booming, but it’s all down to foreign giants Insights – PodCast 14/08/2019 Are Irish business owners content to stay small?    

GEM UK 2018 Press Coverage

BQ  Live  31/07/2019 Gig economy “a springboard for entrepreneurs” 100 Stories Blog 01/08/2019 4 things we learned about entrepreneurs from the 2018 GEM report    

July 2019 Press Coverage

Financial Times 11/07/2019 Migrants drive UK’s fastest-growing companies, study finds

May 2019 Press Coverage

The 01/05/2019 A second great depression is coming and 99.9% likely in two years. 13/05/2019 Par Equity backs Northern Irish tech companies BizPlus 13/05/2019 Taking the Pulse of Laid back Businesses The Irish News 14/05/2019 Tech firms enjoy £3.2m investment boost

April 2019 Press Coverage

The Aston Angle 01/04/2019 Does firm-level jobs data show a ‘canary in the mine’ for the UK economy?  Irish times 03/04/2019 Majority of small businesses not interested in scaling  The Independent 03/04/2019 Big ideas: Small Irish businesses more innovative than UK and US counterparts Irish Examiner 03/04/2019 Small business ‘content with size’ Irish Examiner 03/04/2019… Read more

March 2019 Press Coverage

The Telegraph 05/03/2019 How well do SMEs budget for technology? Reuters  11/03/2019 Pre-recession signals lurk in the UK jobs data- research New York times 11/03/2019 Pre-recession signals lurk in the UK jobs data- research The Aston Angle  22/03/2019 Does firm-level jobs data show a ‘canary in the mine’ for the UK economy ?  

February 2019 Press Coverage

Real Business 11/02/2019 Are business survival statistics relevant? Telegraph 15/02/2019 How fintech is transforming small businesses  

January 2019 Press coverage 14/01/2019 You’re not a Mumpreneur, just an Entrepreneur 22/01/2019 High-growth firms crowd out competition for talent The Times 22/01/2019 Fast growing firms ‘hoovering up jobs’ from local rivals  

Spin-outs and the great university challenge

ERC research cited in article by James Hurley in the Times,  10/09/2018 A 2015 study into spin-outs by the Enterprise Research Centre found that for the “majority of academic founders” there were “significant tensions” between their commitments to university academic work and the demands of the embryonic company. Research paper No 35:  Profiling UK university spin-outs… Read more

ERC Conference & UK Growth Dashboard 2018 Press Coverage.

Financial Times Brexit casts shadow over Northern Ireland small business boom Yorkshire Post Small firms show better productivity gains BBC News (Scotland) ‘Fear of heights’ holds back Scottish businesses The Times (Scotland) Small Scottish businesses lag behind the rest of the UK BBC News ( Scotland ) Blog – Douglas Fraser In search of the… Read more

Unlocking UK Productivity

Press Coverage ERC Published on November 16th 2015, the report was co-authored by Enterprise Research Centre, Goldman Sachs and British Business Bank. Economic Voice 16/11/2015 New report finds smaller businesses are key to solving UK’s ‘productivity gap’ Economic Voice 16/11/2015 SME growth ambition key to UK productivity puzzle Economic Voice 16/11/2015 Small businesses might be… Read more

FT Special Report – The UK’s Entrepreneurs.

Press Coverage 12/10/2017 Which UK region is best for entrepreneurs? – Patricia Nilsson Number of UK start-ups rises to new record – Andy Bounds Teesside’s entrepreneurial future driven by digital diversity – Patricia Nilsson

‘A great black book’: how to exploit contacts for global success

An eye for opportunity and an appetite for risk puts serial entrepreneurs at an advantage in new markets, what can their approach teach first-time founders? Mark Hart , Deputy Director , ERC contributed to an article published by the Guardian Online. “Serial entrepreneurs’ networks help them to sustain businesses across countries and sectors. They would… Read more

ERC Press Coverage 2016

The Guardian 22/12/2016 A great black book’: how to exploit contacts for global success – The Guardian Online. MH_GEM FT 15/03/2016 North of England’s economy undermined by entrenched weaknesses  – FT (Web) The Daily Telegraph 14/03/2016 Party like it’s 1999 – we could be heading for a bursting bubble again  The Daily Telegraph (print) FT 19/02/2016… Read more

GEM UK 2015

Press Coverage The Telegraph – 27th May 2016 The Times – 18th May 2016 The-Times-online – 18th May 2016 The – 11th May 2016    

ERC Press coverage 2015

French 22/12/2015 French Press coverage for ERC – The British employment record after record beating  FT 16/12/2015 ERC 2015 ONS data analysis – Companies create jobs at fastest rate for two decades Belfast Telegraph 24/11/2015 Foreign firms do matter but small business is our real backbone  Legal Business 14/07//2015 The innovation perspective. get the right end… Read more

ERC Press coverage 2014

realbusiness   27/07/2014 Startup survival rates are best outside of big cities Huffington Post 10/06/2014 Coalition Overlooking ‘Worrying’ Rise Of Self-Employed Brits, Says Vicky Pryce The Telegraph Online  11/06/2014 Start-ups’ survival rate lowest in Liverpool Huffington Post 11/06/2014 Ukip’s ‘Ridiculous Nonsense’ About Migrants Slammed by Lord Bilimoria Business Reporter   11.06.2014 47 per cent of Liverpool start-ups… Read more