The Annual Business Survey (ABS) is an annual survey of businesses covering the Production, Construction, Distribution and Service industries in the UK.

It covers approximately 50,000 businesses in Great Britain and Northern Ireland annually, and collects detailed financial information to include data on turnover; value of sales and work completed; value of purchases of goods, materials and services; stocks, capital expenditure, and total employment costs. Data from the ABS is used in constructing the National Accounts. The ABS, in its current form, is available from 2009 to 2012. The ABS replaced the Annual Business Inquiry, Part 2 (ABI/2) in 2009; data from the ABI and its predecessor (which are collectively known as the Annual Respondent’s Dataset (ARD) is also available back to 1973. As with the CIS, the ABS can be linked to the BSD via the IDBR enterprise reference number.