Robust analysis requires high quality data and one of the Enterprise Research Centre’s goals is to enable better exploitation of existing data on SME’s and support the development of new data sources. This page provides links to a range of data sources used in ERC analysis.

The ERC has developed expertise in the analysis of firm-level secondary data on the UK economy as well as undertaking its own bespoke business surveys based on that secondary analysis.  Staff in the ERC also manage the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) UK project which conducts an annual survey measuring entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspiration.

Over the last five years ERC have developed a unified data project within the UK Data Service (UKDS) secure data environment [1]. For approved researchers this provides access to a range of anonymised publicly funded data sources at the level of the individual business/respondent. A brief summary of the datasets ERC has developed within the UKDS is provided below.

We are keen to encourage research use of these datasets. If you are interested in having access to the ERC’s data project please contact either Mark Hart ([email protected]) or Stephen Roper ([email protected]).

[1] The UKDS secure data environment is strictly controlled by the UKDS with appropriate login protocols from an accepted HEI (Higher Education Institution) IP address (verified by the individual institution) for an ONS approved academic researcher given specific access to agreed ONS datasets and other imported datasets approved by their owners.  All analysis undertaken by the ERC for public dissemination in the UKDS is checked by UKDS statistical staff to ensure the identity of an individual respondent could not be revealed.  It is, indeed, a criminal offence to breach these rules.

Click here to download our ERC Data Resource Guide.

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