Management & Leadership Skills/Practices in SMEs (August 2013 to June 2014)

This project commissioned by BIS is being led by Professor James Hayton with support from Professors Andy Lockett and Deniz Ucbasaran. The aim of the project is to expand the knowledge of leadership and management skills (LMS) of the CEO and management teams of UK SMEs. This research is expected to involve a survey of at least 2,500 SMEs in England, with possible extension to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The primary objectives of this new work stream are (i) to develop an approach to defining and measuring LMS in SMEs that may be used now and in the future for policy related research; (ii) to empirically assess the levels of LMS in SMEs and their association with management practices and business performance; (iii) to review policy alternatives, including policies implemented elsewhere to promote LMS development; and (iv) drawing on stakeholder opinions, literature review, and empirical evidence, to evaluate policy implications. 

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