What can we learn from Swedish approaches to workplace mental health?

In a recent speech, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that work is good for those with anxiety and milder depression and has signalled that benefits may be removed from some mental health sufferers as part of a reform of the benefits system. But his assertion has provoked an outcry from mental health charities including Mind,… Read more

Is presenteeism the new absenteeism?

As businesses continue to rebound from the pandemic, and new ways of hybrid and remote working become embedded, a new ERC study finds that while mental health-related sickness levels are remaining flat, presenteeism has increased sharply. Some reports suggest that this may, in part, be a consequence of new working practices. What does this mean… Read more

When it comes to innovation ecosystems, is bigger better?

Innovation Centres (ICs) are an under-reported and under-defined institution within the innovation ecosystem. Research by the Enterprise Research Centre and Cork University Business School for the Institute of Physics (IOP) aimed to understand the role played by physics-related ICs in supporting physics-based innovation across the UK and Ireland. The IOP’s reach across both countries provides… Read more