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Innovation state of the Nation Survey 2023

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Drawing on data provided by over 2000 UK companies the Innovation State of the Nation Survey provides a detailed and timely view of firms’ innovation activity. Data was collected during 2023q1. In each company information was provided by the member of the management team with responsibility for aspects of product/service or business model innovation. Uniquely we provide the first detailed profile of innovation in UK micro-businesses (with 5-9 employees).

The ISNS 2023 survey was conducted at a particularly uncertain time due to continued post-COVID stresses, continuing disruption from Brexit, and the cost of doing business crisis. Despite this, 61.4 per cent of firms reported changes to their products or services during the previous 12 months, with 28.3 per cent suggesting that at least some of their innovation was new to the market. Innovation, both new to the firm and new to the market, was evident across all sectors, sizebands and regions of the UK, with even the smallest micro businesses reporting significant shares of new to the market innovation.