In April the ERC participated to two international renowned conferences in Boston (USA) presenting the main results of project 3 on growth heroes and their impact on the wider economy at the American Association of Geographers 2017 Annual Meeting and at the 14th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference.These are among the most prestigious international conferences gathering thousands of researchers from around the world, in particular for topics related to economic geography, urban economics, knowledge externalities, industrial organization, local innovation and industrial policies.

The ERC presented the main results of project 3 The ERC researchers have had the possibility to confront their results with similar studies presented by European and American researchers on the externalities related to the fast-growth phenomenon, its geographic and industrial distribution, receiving stimulating comments and feedback. In addition, the two conferences have been extremely valuable in order to learn about the cutting edge research carried out on these topics worldwide and to acquire the most advanced techniques for the analysis of geographic and industrial phenomena thanks to ad hoc training sessions organized throughout the conferences.