BEIS have now published the latest ‘LEP Outlook’ report, which provides a comprehensive assessment of economic performance across all of the LEPs in England, based on data brought together by the ERC and Technopolis. The data is in the form of 83 indicators aligned to the foundations of the Industrial Strategy.

The research consists of 3 main products:

  • Analytical report – a narrative overview of economic performance and productivity drivers according to selected indicators;
  • Indicator handbook – the descriptions and values of all 83 indicators;
  • Profiles of all 38 LEPs – to enable benchmarking of economic performance of all LEPs, not just those that are better resourced.

These products can all be accessed at:

The LEP Outlook is a first attempt to bring together as many indicators as there are currently available at the LEP geography level, and arrange them alongside five dimensions that correspond to the five foundations of the UK Industrial Strategy: Ideas, People, Infrastructure, Business Environment, and Place. The LEP Outlook provides an additional resource to support and complement the LEPs’ own analysis.