The ERC held a Research Showcase Event on January 29th 2018 at RSA House in London.

The agenda of the day was wide-ranging, reflecting the diverse projects currently underway at the Centre. The aim was to share our latest research insights and emerging ideas with key stakeholders, and to stimulate discussion about these. The ERC endeavours to provide stakeholders with useful and relevant research insights on SME growth, innovation and productivity, and events such as this one play an essential role in helping us to achieve this.

During the morning session we presented emerging findings from three projects:

Leadership and management: an activity-based perspective –Kevin Mole

Measuring the spillovers from publicly-funded R&D activity – Stephen Roper, Areti Gkypali and Nola Hewitt-Dundas

Accessing and using alternative finance – Mike Wright, Enrico Vanino and Victor Ekpu

After the morning break, Stephen Roper and Mark Hart drew together the overarching insights to have emerged from the ERC’s research over the past two years on SME growth, innovation and productivity.

In the afternoon session we turned to discuss the Centre’s exciting future research priorities, and also our impact and engagement plans. Stakeholders were asked to share their ideas for future research themes and questions. The event generated much lively discussion, both in the room and on Twitter.

We are, as always, very grateful for the excellent level of engagement from our stakeholders, whose insights continue to shape and inform all ERC research outputs.

Full presentation slides from the event are available here