2016 sees the start of ERC’s new series of research projects with a focus on the drivers of SME growth and productivity.
Key topics include the role of innovation and commercialisation in promoting productivity, the impact of barriers to finance on internationalisation, the role of management and leadership in promoting growth and a focus on team size and entrepreneurial ambition. ERC’s work on business demographics will also continue.
More detail on our new research programme can be found here.
To kick off the programme, we’ll publish a new synthesis of current research knowledge on SME Growth & Productivity. Each of our projects will begin with a workshop designed to scope out and hone the research questions and approach.
If you are interested in particular projects and would like to join a workshop, please let us know.
Email us at [email protected]
Look out for ERC’s new blog too which will help keep everyone up to speed with interesting new research findings.