Ten applications were received in response to this call. An evaluation committee of Stephen Roper, ERC/ WBS , Ian Drummond, BIS  and James Phipps, BIS considered the proposals using the agreed protocol (60 per cent for programme quality, 20 per cent for project team and cost) and agreed that five proposals should be funded as follows:


Robyn Owen(Lead)

Osman Anwar

Tiago Botelho

An exploration of the successes and barriers relating to accessing external finance, and its potential role in helping SMEs to achieve their growth ambitions


Jeremy Phillipson (Lead)

Matthew Gorton

Robert Newbery

Sara Maioli


Urban-rural analysis of LSBS
Andrew Johnston (Lead)

Mike Crone

Daniel Prokop

Paul Lassalle

Shinga Masango


Assessing the Characteristics, Determinants and Spatial Variations of Early Internationalising New Firms in the UK
George Saradakis (Lead)

Yanqing Lai

Anne-Marie Mohammed Rebeca Munoz-Torres


The Growth Behavior and Strategies of Family-Owned and non-Family-Owned SMES: Are They Different?
Nida Broughton (Lead)

Emran Mian


The contribution of alternative finance to business growth


We would like to thank  every participant for their interest and proposal. We look forward to having similar engagements next year and to receiving more proposals.

Anyone who was not funded is strongly encouraged to apply again next year.

We wish you well in your research.