The ERCs Inaugural Academic research conference took place at Aston Business School on  – Wednesday February 11th 2015 giving attending delegates an opportunity to hear about the latest small business research from the Enterprise Research Centre alongside its international partners . Attended by  analysts working in small business policy and support organisations and academics with an interest in small business.

ERC speakers  included Mark Hart, Mike Wright, Oksana Koryak, Jim Love, Stephen Roper and Sara Carter.
with the keynote address delivered by Professor Per Davidsson,Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, QUT Business School.

International Guest speakers included : Professor Marius Meeus, Professor Friederike Welter, Professor Erik Stam, Professor Dimo Dimov, Professor Massimo Colombo; Professor Paul Reynolds, and Carlo Menon.</p>

View the days presentations here :


Per Davidsson


Marius Meeus


Jim Love


Mike Wright


Michael Anyadike Danes


Dimo Dimov


Carlo Menon


Tomasz Mickiewicz


Oksana Koryak


Massimo Colombo


Erik Stam


Paul Reynolds . Panel discussion.