On September 23rd ERC headed to Glasgow to run a workshop on all things small business, growth and productivity. The day was coordinated by Scottish Enterprise and brought in key agencies and partners in Scotland with a stake in the performance of the small business community and those who support it directly through policy delivery, advice and business support. It was a great opportunity for ERC to present its latest research on a spectrum of issues covering business demographics SMEs and finance, and innovation and its link to productivity, in addition to some new analysis on productivity across Scotland specifically.

The lively discussion which followed highlighted a number of shared areas of interest, including best practice in gathering local data, changing business models and how SMEs can respond and contribute to a low carbon economy. A particular area of interest is the issue of business resilience, a topic on which ERC has already published some research in relation to London  https://www.enterpriseresearch.ac.uk/sme-resilience-project-jpmorgan/ and will shortly be releasing the complete findings of its pan-European research project in December. Further details and registration for this event will be available soon on the ERC website events page.