On Friday November 13th Professor Stephen Roper, ERC Director, presented research findings on mid-market exporting, showing how mid-sized businesses can use these outcomes to directly benefit their bottom line during the Export Week event at Warwick Business School.

The Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) has worked with GE Capital on the ‘Leading from the Middle’ reports on the UK and EU4 mid-market. Find the full report at: www.gecapital.co.uk/en/docs/GE_LFTM_UK_mm_2015.pdf

Key highlights of Stephen’s presentation were :

  • UK mid-market firms have matched the German Mittelstand in terms of sales growth since 2013 and expect to grow sales by 4.9 per cent in 2016.
  • Sentiment among mid-market firms remains positive with strong expectations of company, UK and world market growth in 2014.
  • UK mid-market firms’ presence in the Chinese market lags marginally behind that of our European competitors, a gap which looks set to grow.
  • A lack of information about export markets is a general barrier to mid-market exporting and a specific barrier in the case of the Chinese market