This is the ‘First International Comparative Study of its type’ using Harmonised data.

Michael Anyadike Danes, ERC , Aston University led an International Team creating  a new dataset that answers an important question, top on the research and  policy agenda looking at the contribution of different-sized businesses to job creation.

The resulting paper,” An international cohort comparison of size effects on job growth”  documents the extraordinary impact that a tiny group of very dynamic micro-enterprises (born with less than five employees) have on job growth. The evidence comes from an  international collaborative firm cohort study involving five countries across northern Europe (Austria, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK).

The key finding is that the size of the dynamic micro-enterprise group, and its rate of job growth, accounts for a large proportion of the cross-country variation in overall employment (from the UK at the top to Sweden at the bottom).

The full paper was published December 2014  in the Small Business Economics, An Entrepreneurship journal, Springer International Publishing.

Link to the Full paper here: