The latest Global Entrepreneurship (GEM) UK report along with individual GEM Scotland / Wales and Northern Ireland reports in partnership with NatWest, have been published today.

As with previous economic downturns it is the small business community that drives the recovery across all sectors of the economy. UK entrepreneurs once again have responded to the challenges and opportunities presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, the new UK report says.  Further, over half of start-ups agreed that they either have adopted new technologies or enhanced plans to improve or invest in new digital technologies in response to the pandemic.

GEM’s UK team,  led by Professor Mark Hart of Aston University – compared attitudes, activity and aspirations in the UK, Germany and the United States as well as the four home nations of the UK. The early-stage entrepreneurial activity rate of 11.5% in the UK is statistically significantly higher than that of Germany (6.9%) and France (7.7%) but lower than that of the US (16.5%).

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