New Government report published today Social Enterprise : Market Trends 2017 co-authored by ERC colleagues Professor Ute Stephan , Professor Mark Hart with Dr Emma Folmer, Aston University and Paul Braidford , Steve Lomax, BMG Research  

Based on improved methodology and a dedicated survey of a representative sample of the UK small business population, this report provides estimates of the number of social enterprises in the UK, describes the key characteristics of social enterprises and compares these to those of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). This became the key stepping stone for the UK government that has just published its Market Trends report based on a revised methodology.

It maps the numbers and scope of the social enterprise population in the UK, as well as providing numbers on the prevalence of mission-led businesses. The social enterprise questions used in this study will be integrated into the Longitudinal Small Business Survey (LSBS) run by BEIS.

Read the full report here