The ERC Innovation and local growth workshop took place at WBS @The Shard on Thursday May 28th and provided new insights into the geography of Innovation across the UK, the strengths and weaknesses of local innovation eco-systems and support mechanisms, and a comparison of local innovation dynamics in the UK and USA.

With an audience  from both the academic and business sectors, guest speakers included Professor Richard Evans , Professor Philip Shapira and Dr Jane Galsworthy. All Presentations from the day can be downloaded here:

Professor Richard Evans : Local innovation eco-systems in England: strengths and challenges.

Dr Jane Galsworthy : Enterprise Europe Network Observatory Supporting Local Innovation,

Philip Shapira : Sustaining Growth for Innovative Enterprises: Transatlantic Comparisons and Implications for the UK 

Professor Jim Love  : Benchmarking Local Innovation The innovation geography of the UK.


The ERC also presented a new report Benchmarking local innovation – the innovation geography of the UK at the event, the first ever study mapping where firms developing new British goods and services are concentrated. The UK has an ‘arc of innovation’ stretching from Cambridge through the South-East Midlands and along the M4 corridor.Key nodes of the arc of innovation include well-known university spin-off centres Oxford and Cambridge, as well as more surprising areas like Gloucestershire and Milton Keynes.

Read the full press release here.