Europe-wide study on ‘shock-proof’ firms ahead of Brexit

5 July 2018

Europe-wide study on ‘shock-proof’ firms ahead of Brexit

• Two-year project will learn lessons from 3,000 of Europe’s most resilient firms to spread best practice
• Focus on under-represented groups will seek to understand how entrepreneurs overcome barriers
• With 70% of European jobs in SMEs, study is seen as vital pre-Brexit to cushion economic fallout

A new study on business resilience in five European countries will draw up lessons on ‘shock-proofing’ firms on both sides of the Channel ahead of Brexit.

With the prospect of the UK exiting the European Union next year without a trade deal still a possibility, the ability of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to cope with adverse economic conditions is a hot topic for firms across the continent.

The research project, Building Better Business Resilience, will be led by academics at the Enterprise Research Centre, supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. The researchers will survey 600 firms from across London to generate new data and insight into the characteristics and tactics of resilient firms. This survey will then expand to 2,400 small firms in Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid.