Research Report

Assessing the impact of Covid-19 on Innovate UK award holders Survey and case-study evidence Wave 1 – June/July 2020

ERC / Innovation Caucus Research Report



Associated Themes
  • COVID-19
  • Innovation
  • Productivity and performance

Report 1 of a series of benchmark reports on the impact of Covid-19 crisis on the status of Innovate UK award holders.

The analysis focuses on the impact of the crisis over the last three months and firms’ plans for the next three-month period. Both firm level and project-level effects are considered. Data was derived from extensive survey work with IUK award holders and, where survey respondents agreed, more detailed interview follow-up.
The dynamic nature of the Covid-19 crisis and the imminent ending of a number of government support measures – particularly the furlough scheme – means that it is important to take into account the timing of the survey. The analysis is based on an online survey of 334 IUK award holders conducted between 5th and 19th of June 2020 and in-depth interviews undertaken between 29th of June and 13th of July. The on-line survey was distributed by Innovate UK but individual respondents’ information has been treated as confidential to the research team. In-depth interviews were conducted by OMB Research Ltd.