SOTA Review

Building a creative work force: What is the current evidence on individual predictors of creative performance?

ERC SOTA Review No 49

Associated Themes
  • Innovation
  • Management and Leadership

Creativity will be one of the most in-demand skills in organisations over the next decade, and this is only expected to increase as work becomes increasingly automated, a trend hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Research supports the importance of a creative workforce for driving organisational innovation and, ultimately, organisational success.  Creative work cannot (yet) be automated and thus becomes an essential capability for an organisation’s human workforce.  Unfortunately, there is far less certainty in exactly how organisations can build a creative workforce, as the predominant emphasis in Human Resources systems is for selecting and developing a workforce for “standard” forms of job performance. This review summarises the current state of the art in research on individual predictors of creative performance and the characteristics organisations should look for in their employees when seeking to build creative capital.