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Workplace Mental Health in Midlands firms 2024

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  • Mental Health

Since 2020, we at the Enterprise Research Centre have been tracking UK Midlands firms’ experiences of workplace mental health issues, with an annual employer survey. Our first wave of data collection took place early in 2020 pre-COVID-19. Wave 2 was conducted between January and April 2021, a period of intense business disruption due to COVID-19 restrictions, and wave three took place in early 2022 as restrictions eased. While the impacts of Covid-19 have subsequently receded, 2023 and 2024 have seen other challenges for businesses and their employees, including the cost-of-living crisis. In early 2024, we carried out our fifth wave of data collection and we draw on this unique longitudinal data set here to offer insight into the ways in which firms experience and respond to the challenges of mental health issues.
The report proceeds with a summary of the key findings from the 2024 survey. The remainder of the report presents longitudinal trends using the five annual waves of data.