New report reveals immigrants eye for business

New report reveals immigrants eye for business Immigrants are more likely to start their own business than people born and brought up in the UK, according to new figures. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) UK Report, published [12th May], analysed early-stage start-up activity as part of an in-depth study into entrepreneurial trends, attitudes and aspirations… Read more

GEM UK 2015 Monitoring Report

The GEM UK 2015 Monitoring report is published today. The report compiled by Professor Mark Hart, Professor Jonathan Levie and Dr Karen Bonner – compares Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) measures of entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspiration in the UK with Germany and the United States (US).  It also summarizes entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspiration across… Read more

GEM UK 2015

Press Coverage The Telegraph – 27th May 2016 The Times – 18th May 2016 The-Times-online – 18th May 2016 The – 11th May 2016    

Growing productivity: a Scottish recipe – Director’s Blog- May 2016

Growing productivity: a Scottish recipe We have heard a lot recently – at least before Brexit became flavour of the news – about the need to boost productivity. And, in particular how the government can help firms to grow productivity. It turns out that the answer, or at least part of the answer, may have… Read more

ERC Insight Paper Released. February 19th 2016

Spatial Incidence of High Growth Firms High-Growth Firms (HGFs) are a very small proportion of the UK business population yet they have a disproportionate impact on job creation. We present data at local economic area level over time to show that there is a very distinct geography emerging for the incidence rate of HGFs since… Read more

Invest Ni Research note on ERC paper

Leadership and management skills in SMEs ERC Research conducted by Professor James Hayton cited in Invest NI updated Research Note. Deficiencies in Leadership and Management Skills (LMS), and not implementing management best practices, are a key constraint on business performance in the UK.  To provide evidence of how LMS influence the adoption of best practice… Read more

ERC Directors’ Blog

Our blog provides a space for comment by the ERC Directors on current issues related to entrepreneurship, small business development and innovation. Blog posts are contributed by the ERC Directors Professor Stephen Roper ([email protected]) and Professor Mark Hart ([email protected]). Please noted that the  views expressed in this blog belong to the individual blogger and do not… Read more

Nations and regions outpace London for high growth firms

News release NOT FOR PUBLICATION OR BROADCAST UNTIL 00.01 ON FRIDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2016 19 February 2016 Number of high growth firms – seen as indicator of economic health – reaches nearly 12,000, highest level since the dotcom boom. The number of companies achieving high growth in the nations and regions of the UK is rising more than… Read more