Priit Vahter

Senior Research Fellow. Warwick Business School

Priit's research covers various determinants of innovation and firm performance and effects of international trade and FDI.

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Dr Priit Vahter  is an Associate Professor at Warwick Business School.  His research covers various determinants of innovation and firm performance and effects of international trade and FDI.  In particular, his focus has been on microeconometric research on open innovation, spillovers from MNEs and effects of internationalisation on firm performance.

He has published papers at Research Policy, Strategic Management Journal, Industry and Innovation, Journal of Comparative Economics, Review of World Economics, Manchester School and World Economy, among others. He has contributed to various EU, UK and Estonian research projects. Currently he is working on papers about learning effects in innovation process, effects of FDI on gender wage gap, and knowledge transfer through mobility of managers from multinational enterprises.

Research Paper

The roles and effectiveness of design in new product development: a study of Irish manufacturers. Research Paper No. 41

Investments in design can make a significant contribution to successful new product development (NPD). However, there is insufficient evidence on the most appropriate or effective role that design could play. Previous case-based research has identified alternative roles for designers in NPD, but there is only tentative evidence over such roles’ contribution to NPD outcomes. Using data on a large sample (c. 1300) of Irish manufacturing plants we are able to examine the effectiveness of three different levels of involvement of designers in NPD and their impact on NPD novelty and success.

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Research Paper

Openness and Innovation Performance: Are Small Firms Different? Research Paper No 12.

Traditionally, literature on open innovation ( the number of links a firm has to customers, suppliers and other firms) has concentrated on analysis of larger firms. This paper explores if and how the benefits of openness in innovation are different for small firms compared to medium and large ones. It suggests that small firms can benefit disproportionately from adopting open innovation approaches but that they reach the benefits of this approach at lower levels than medium and larger firms making the choice of innovation partner critical.

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Research Paper

Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? Research Paper No 6.

This paper explores the claims of a ‘paradigm shift’ towards firms using open innovation as a conscious strategic choice.

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