Research Report

Catapulting Firms into the Innovation System: Analysing Local Knowledge Spillovers from Catapult Centres

ERC Research Report



Associated Themes
  • Innovation
  • Productivity and performance

Previous studies have provided evidence of the positive effects on business growth of working with the Catapults. In this report we explore the local spillovers from Catapult centres, i.e. the effects on businesses not themselves working directly with the Catapults. We investigate how through the Catapults knowledge spills over through space and along the supply chain to unsupported firms located nearby the centres and industrially related to the Catapults technological specialisation.We also assess to what extent Catapults-supported firms generate local spillovers themselves for other unsupported local firms. In particular, we want to identify if there are demonstration effects or other types of knowledge spillovers from Catapult-supported firms to other local businesses operating in related sectors.