Gerard Hodgkinson

Professor of Strategic Management and Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School

Gerard's research focuses of the analysis of cognitive processes in strategic decision making (including the nature and role of intuition) and the evaluation of techniques for overcoming cognitive bias and inertia in such decisions.

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Email:[email protected]
Telephone:024 765 24580

Research Themes

  • Management and Leadership


Professor Gerard Hodgkinson is Associate Dean (Programme Quality) and Professor of Strategic Management and Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School. He has considerable experience in managing large-scale research projects.  He was awarded £505,245.56 from the ESRC under the ESRC/EPSRC Management Research Initiative: The Institute of Management Research (AIM) for an ‘AIM Senior/Mid-Career Fellowship, Adaptation, UK Private Sector’ (Reference Number: RES-331-25-0028), to support an extensive programme of work on managerial and organizational cognition, which included the appointment of two post-doctoral research fellows and two distinguished International Visiting Fellows.  Much of his earlier work on this topic was supported by two additional ESRC awards: (1) 1996 – £84,308, as the Principal Investigator, in collaboration with A. J. Maule, K. Glaister and A. D. Pearman, for a proposal entitled ‘Navigating an Uncertain World: Strategic Cognition and Risk’ (reference number: L211 25 2042); (2) 1988 – Approximately £40,000 from the ESRC, as co-investigator, in collaboration with H Gunz, P Lewis and G Johnson, whilst working as a Research Associate at Manchester Business School, for a proposal entitled ‘Competitive Structures of Industries: A Cognitive Modelling Approach’ (reference number: R000231110).  Building on the success of his AIM Fellowship, Professor Hodgkinson was awarded internal money by the University of Leeds to set up a new Research Centre, the Centre for Organizational Strategy, Learning, and Change, which he directed over a five-year period, prior to the commencement of his current employment at Warwick Business School.  The Centre employed a complement of 10 staff, including three senior professors, with more than two  million funding from research councils and corporate sponsors. His major publications of relevance to the present proposal include his critically acclaimed 2002 book, The Competent Organization (Hodgkinson & Sparrow), his 1994 (Hodgkinson and  Johnson) and 1997  JMS articles, his 2008 Annual Review of Psychology article (Hodgkinson and Healey) and his 1999 (Hodgkinson et al) and 2011 (Hodgkinson and Healey)  SMJ articles.  The latter won the Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award of the Academy of Management Business Policy and Strategy Division at the 2009 Annual Conference. All of the above works have been heavily cited. Hodgkinson has just completed a five year term as a member of the Academy of Management’s Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division Executive Committee, including the roles of Programme Chair (2009) and Division Chair (2011).  CI’s Hodgkinson and Lockett have an ongoing collaboration with a former doctoral student examining the cognitive micro-foundations of strategic capabilities.