Joanne Turner

Research Fellow - innovation Studies

Joanne’s research will examine how a firm’s industry environment, in particular the appropriability regime, affects its intangibles strategy and innovation performance.

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  • Management and Leadership


Joanne joined the University of Warwick in 2013 as a PhD Student. She is based in the Enterprise Research Centre, Warwick Business School (WBS) with research training being provided through the Warwick Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre. Her PhD research entitled “Intangibles strategy, appropriability regimes and firm innovation performance” is positioned in light of the increasing importance of intangible assets to firms in today’s economies. Given the need for firms to fully recognise the importance of intangible assets and to be increasingly concerned with the strategy relating to them, Joanne will undertake an analysis of intangibles strategy, examining how the industry environment, and in particular the appropriability regime, affects a firm’s intangibles strategy and its innovation performance. She is being supervised by Professors Stephen Roper and Andy Lockett.

Research Paper

Pathways to efficiency, pathways to growth: Evidence from the UK Innovation Survey. Research Paper No. 83

Previous studies have suggested there is little correlation between efficiency – measured by sales per employee - and growth at firm level. Here, using data from successive waves of the UK innovation survey we consider two questions.
- Do different types of innovation have different effects on efficiency and growth?
- We consider whether the source of firms’ R&D finance matters.
Together our results suggest the importance of aligning innovation investments with broader corporate and policy objectives and the potential value of policy support for process innovation to achieve positive growth and efficiency outcomes.

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  • Productivity and performance