Samuel Mwaura

Research Fellow, Strathclyde University

Samuel works with Professor Sara Carter at the Hunter Centre at the University of Strathclyde. His research interests include Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Firm Performance.

Contact Details

Email:[email protected]
Telephone:0141 548 4008

Research Themes

  • Diversity


Dr Samuel Mwaura is employed by the ERC as a Research Fellow along side Professor Sara Carter at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde. He is a graduate of the University of Birmingham, where he completed his PhD on Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Firm Performance in 2012 under the supervision of Dr Lisa De Propis (Birmingham), Professor Ajit Singh (Cambridge) and Dr Randoph Bruno (UCL).


Research Paper

Does Entrepreneurship Make You Wealthy? Research Paper No 25

There is growing interest in entrepreneurial earnings; however prior studies have typically focused on incomes derived from business ownership - a highly problematic measure, which fails to fully capture the rewards of entrepreneurship. In contrast, wealth comprises a stock of accumulated assets providing a more robust measure of relative success and economic well-being over the life-course of the business and the individual entrepreneur.

Research Paper

The Financing of Diverse Enterprises: Evidence from the SME Finance Monitor .Research Paper No 18.

This paper contributes to our understanding of the finance issues currently facing diverse SMEs by presenting a new analysis of the SME Finance Monitor. While prior studies have contributed substantial evidence regarding the effects of either gender or ethnicity on finance outcomes, these analyses have typically focused on either women-owned or ethnic minority owned enterprises. This study considers the experiences and outcomes of both women-owned and ethnic minority-owned enterprises, including the interaction effects of ethnicity and gender.