Research Paper

Ambitious Entrepreneurship and Migration A Multi-Level Study across the Local Authorities in England and Wales.

ERC Research Paper No 47

Associated Themes
  • Diversity
  • Entrepreneurship

We consider why both immigrants and regional migrants may embark on different types of entrepreneurial projects: high versus low aspiration; opportunity driven versus necessity driven. Next, using Global Entrepreneurship Monitor data, we construct a multiple-years sample of UK working age population with wide spatial coverage, and apply a multi-level multinomial logit model to test and compare propensities of migrants to enter into different forms of entrepreneurship. We find that – compared with those who are not spatially mobile – both internal (regional) migrants and immigrants are more likely to start new ventures characterised by high growth aspirations. Immigrants are more likely than non-migrants to engage in both opportunity-driven and high-aspiration entrepreneurship, but, unlike regional migrants, not in necessity-driven and low-aspiration entry.