Areti Gkypali

Research Fellow, ERC

Dr Areti Gkypali joined ERC in March 2016 as a Research Fellow working with Professors Stephen Roper, James Love and Nola Hewitt-Dundas focusing on SMEs, innovation, productivity, exports and business eco-systems. Prior to joining the ERC, Areti worked at the Department of Economics, University of Patras for two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow where she also obtained her PhD in Economics

Bo (Grace ) Peng

Research Fellow

Bo’s main research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurial finance. Her current research focuses on exploring how the entrepreneurial identity influence entrepreneurial external research acquisition via IPO as well as their exit strategies after IPO.

Dr Victor Ekpu

Research Fellow

Victor is currently working on the ERC project on accessing and using alternative finance. His wider research interests are in business finance and growth, business lending and bank profitability, bank lending to SMEs, macroeconomics and financial linkages, financial innovation, and monetary and financial stability policies.

Neha Prashar

Research Fellow

Neha gained her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Economics at University College London and went onto do her Master’s degree in Development Economics at the University of Birmingham.