Abel Lucena

Assistant Professor of Business and Management

Ahmed M. Nofal

Doctoral Researcher

Akunna Oledinma

Senior Research Associate

Akunna has a PhD in Transport and her research focusses mainly on systems and structure surrounding policy development particularly in the agricultural sector; the interaction between stakeholders, citizens and government in policy formulation and implementation; and the economics of post-colonial infrastructure development. In addition, she has an MSc in Energy Studies and a BSc in Transport Economics. 
Research interests are: Governance, stakeholder relationships, Small and Medium Enterprises, UK Economy after Brexit.

Alec Morton

Independant Researcher

Alexander Brem

Chair of Technology Management

Aloña Martiarena

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Anastasia Ri

Research Fellow

Having joined ERC in 2018 and more recently a member of the GEM UK national team, Anastasia’s current focus is entrepreneurship and small business economics investigating small firms’ financial constraints, performances and entrepreneurial attitudes and aspirations. She is passionate about giving policymakers the tools to understand the entrepreneurial experience including barriers to entrepreneurship, motivations of aspiring entrepreneurs as well as digital and innovative entrepreneurship.

Andrew James

Senior Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer

Andrew Johnston

Principal Lecturer in International Business and Economics

Andrew Thomas

Director of Research

Andy Lockett

Dean of Warwick Business School and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Angela Martinez Dy

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Anja Grinde Myrann

Research Fellow at the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research, Norway

Anna Rebmann

Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship

Anne Green

Professor of Regional Economic Development

Areti Gkypali

Assistant Professor

Ashwin Kumar

Professor of Social Policy

Bart Clarysse

Chair in Entrepreneurship

Bettina Becker

Associate Professor

Carmen Guzmán

Assistant Professor of the department of Applied Economics

Carole Howorth

Chair of Sustainable and Ethical Entrepreneurship University of York, Management School

Chris Warhurst

Professor & Director of the Institute for Employment Research

Claudio Fassio

Senior Lecturer

Colin Mason

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Dan Johansson

Professor of Economics

Daniel Prokop

Lecturer in Economic Geography

Danny Miller

Research Professor

Dean Patton

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Deborah Allcock

Senior Lecturer in Strategy & Department Lead for Enterprise

Deniz Ucbasaran

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Donald Siegel

Dean, School of Business, University at Albany, State University of New York

Doug Scott

Chairman, Cavendish Enterprise

Eleanor Shaw

Head of Department, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

Elizabeth Daniel

Professor of Information Management

Emma Folmer

Assistant Professor

Enrico Vanino

Lecturer in Economics

Erik E. Lehmann

Professor of Management

Erika Kispeter

Research Fellow

Erkko Autio

Chair in Technology Venturing and Entrepreneurship

Eugenie Golubova

Research Fellow

Eugenie joined the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) at Aston University in August 2020. She is working on the evaluation of the Small Business Forward Programme for the JPMorgan Chase Foundation in the EMEA region. Eugenie has over 9 years of work experience in evaluation, research and surveying from all sectors: private, public and non-profit.

Francisco J. Santos

Associate Professor of applied economics

Friederike Welter

Professor of SME management and Entrepreneurship

George Saridakis

Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Gerard Hodgkinson

Professor of Strategic Management and Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School

Guihan Ko

Research Associate

Guus Hendriks

Assistant Professor of International Business

Halima Jibril

Research Fellow

Halima Jibril joined the ERC in August 2018. Prior to that, she was a Teaching Assistant at the University of Nottingham and a Research Assistant at the University of Leeds. Halima gained her MSc in Economics and Finance and PhD in Economics from the University of Leeds. Halima’s research interests are in innovation diffusion, financialisation and energy economics. Halima is also interested in econometric methods and quasi experimental methods of impact assessment. She is currently working on the ERC project focused on understanding the diffusion of digital and sustainable technologies within supply chains.

Haya Al-Dajani

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Helen Xia

Lecturer in Innovation

Helena Lenihan

Professor of Economics, University of Limerick

Helmut Fryges

Senior Research Fellow - Australian Innovation Research Centre ( AIRC)

Henry Overman

Director, What Works Centre

Hoang Minh Luong

Research Fellow

Hoang’s research interests include innovation, technology transfer, enterprise growth and economic development, and applied econometrics. He also has experience working and publishing a meta-analysis in economics.

Isabelle Le Breton-Miller

Associate Professor of Management

Jack Willis

Post-Graduate Researcher

Jae-Yeon Kim

Research Fellow

James H Love

Professor of International Business.

Jim Love Is Professor of International Business at Leeds University Business School. He previously held Chairs in international business and economics at Aston, Birmingham and Warwick Universities, and earlier worked in the economics department at Strathclyde University. His background is in applied microeconomics, principally in the fields of international business and innovation. Most of his work is empirical, using firm-level datasets. Jim is a senior researcher in the Enterprise Research Centre, an independent research organisation which conducts policy-relevant research on SME growth and development. His work here is innovation, exporting and growth in SMEs

James Hayton

Associate Dean Doctoral Programme

Jane Bourke

Lecturer in Economics

Dr. Jane Bourke is a Senior Lecturer in Economics, University College Cork.
Jane’s research interests are in the area of firm-level innovation, technology adoption and micro-businesses. She is also interested in the adoption of innovations and digital technologies in health care.

Jane Glover

Visiting associate

Jeremy Phillipson

Professor of Rural Development, Director of Research in the School of Agriculture,

Jessica Armitage

PhD Student

Jessica Armitage is currently studying her PhD in UK ethnic minority entrepreneurship at Aston Business School, where she also studied her MSc in Business and Management. Jessica's particular interest in entrepreneurship stems from her long-term experience in self-employment.

Joanne Turner

Research Fellow - innovation Studies

Joanne joined the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) at the University of Warwick in October 2013. Initially, as a PhD student within the Centre, Joanne examined how a firm’s industry environment – in particular, the appropriability regime – affects its intangibles strategy and innovation performance. In May 2018, Joanne became an ERC Research Fellow working on projects examining the productivity and growth returns to publicly-funded and privately-funded R&D, the links between intellectual property protection and innovation/innovation success, and the role of local, regional and broader eco-system factors in supporting innovation, exporting, growth and productivity.

Johan de Borst

PhD Student, Hunter Centre for Enterprise, Strathclyde Business School

John Anderson

Head of SME Engagement

John Wilson

Professor of Banking & Finance

Jonathan Levie

Professor, NUI Galway

Jose Liñares-Zegarra

Senior Lecturer

Jose Liñares-Zegarra is Senior Lecturer in Finance at Essex Business School. He holds a PhD from the University of Granada (Spain). Jose is also a Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of St Andrews and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). Previously, he has held visiting teaching/research positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, University of St Andrews, University of Alicante, University of Illinois, Florida State University and the Institute of European Finance (Bangor University, UK).

Juan Mañez

Associate Professor

Julia Rouse

Principal Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, MMU Business School

Jun Du

Professor of Economics

Professor Jun Du is Professor of economics at Aston Business School, her research revolves around the evaluation and determinants of firm performance. She has extensive experience in collaborating with researchers nationally and internationally on projects on the measurement of firm productivity, the relationship between performance and R&D and innovation, finance and investment, ownership, political economy, and internationalisation.

Karen Bonner

Senior Economist

Karen is a senior economist at Ulster University’s Economic Policy Centre and also works with the ERC on projects relating to entrepreneurship, business demography and innovation. She is involved primarily in firm-level economic research utilising micro-data to examine aspects of firm performance in both Northern Ireland and the UK. Karen works with ERC members to produce the UK Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Other recent projects include those for BEIS, DfE, and Scottish Enterprise. Previously she worked as a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Kelly Smith

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Kevin Mole

Associate Professor of Enterprise & Head of Group

Kevin's expertise ranges across a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques: on external advice to small firms, the diagnosis of firm problems, policy choices in business support, firm growth and the adoption of new working practices in SMEs.

Kevin Mulligan

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Kiran Trehan

University of Birmingham

Kun Fu

Research Fellow, Imperial College London

Laura Heery

Economist at the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre

Lee Hopley

Director, Economic Insight and Research, UK Finance

Lorna Treanor

Assistant Professor

Marc Cowling

Head of Research and Innovation

Marcel Lukas

Assistant Professor in Finance

Marek Kowalkiewicz

Chair of Digital Economy

Maria Wishart

Research Fellow

Maria joined the Enterprise Research Centre in February 2018 as a Research Fellow based at Warwick Business School. Before coming to academia, she spent 17 years working in global consumer marketing roles in a number of UK-based companies. She is experienced in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Maria’s academic qualifications include an undergraduate degree in Business Management with French, an MA in Philosophy, an MSc in Research Methods and a PhD in Identity and Ethics. Her current research interests include business resilience, rural enterprise and business ethics.

Marian Garcia

Professor of Marketing and Innovation

Marion Frenz

Head of Department and Reader in Management

Marta Zieba

Lecturer in Economics

Matthew Gorton

Joint head of the Marketing, Operations and Systems subject group

Md Shahidizzaman,

Chair Digital Economy team , Author

Meng Song


Mika Maliranta

Research Director

Mike Crone

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Mike Power

Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR)|

Mike Spicer

Director of Research, BCC

Monder Ram OBE

Director, Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME)

Professor Monder Ram OBE is the Director of Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME), based in Aston Business School, Aston University. He has extensive experience of working in, researching and acting as a consultant to small and ethnic minority businesses. He is a leading authority on small business and ethnic minority entrepreneurship research and has published widely on the subject.

Muthu de Silva

Senior Lecturer

Neha Prashar

Research Fellow

Neha gained her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Economics at University College London and went onto do her Master’s degree in Development Economics at the University of Birmingham.

Neil Lee

Assistant Professor

Nick Wilson

Director of the Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC)

Niels Bosma

Assistant Professor

Nigel Driffield

Professor of International Business

Nola Hewitt-Dundas

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor of Innovation Management

Nola is Pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor of Innovation Management and Policy at Queen’s University Belfast and an ESRC-Innovate UK Innovation Caucus Thought Leader. Her research interests include the dynamics of innovation ecosystems, business innovation, technology transfer and networks with an emphasis on small and medium enterprises, business strategy and technology adoption. She has led and contributed to a wide range of public sector projects for national and international organisations.

Oliver Mallett

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Osman Anwar

Senior Consultant

Pattanapong Tiwasing

Research Associate in Rural Enterprise.

Paul Lassalle

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Petra Nylund

Independant Researcher

Pietro Micheli

Associate Professor in Organizational Performance

Priit Vahter

Senior Research Fellow

Ray Lambert

Independent consultant

Richard Blundel

Professor of Enterprise and Organisation

Richard Hazenberg

Professor of Social Innovation

Rita Nana-Cheraa

PhD Student

Rita Nana-Cheraa gained her BSc in Mathematics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and her MSc in Economics and Econometrics at the University of Nottingham. Nana also has experience in retail banking, business development, and interbank money market dealing. She is currently studying her PhD at the Warwick Business School researching on innovations among SME's

Robert Kloosterman

Professor of Economic Geography and Planning,

Robert Newbery

Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation

Robert Wapshott

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Robyn Owen

Associate Professor

Roger Turner

Independent consultant

Rosa Caiazza

Professor of Management

Rowena Barrett

Head, School of Management, Author

Sally Gee

Research Fellow

Sally Jones

Reader in Entrepreneurship and Gender Studies

Sam Hampton

Post-doctoral Researcher

Samuel Mwaura

Research Fellow

Sandra Gottschalk

Senior Research Fellow

Sara Carter

Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Social Sciences

Sara Maioli

Lecturer in Economics

Saul Estrin

Head of School of Management

Serdal Ozusaglam

Research Fellow

Dr Serdal Ozusaglam is a postdoctoral research fellow with PhD degree in Economics and Innovation Management from the University of Strasbourg. Prior to joining WBS, Serdal was a teaching fellow of Economics of Innovation and postdoctoral research fellow at the Leeds University Business School between 2014 and 2020.

Shaker A. Zahra

Professor of Strategy & Organisation

Shinga Masango

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Shivani Mehta

Doctoral Researcher

Simon Raby

Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sreevas Sahasranamam

Chancellor’s Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership

Stuart Fraser

Associate Professor of Enterprise

Suma Athreye

Professor in International Strategy

Suman Lodh

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Susan Marlow

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Tamara Friedrich

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Temitope Akinremi

Research Fellow- Productivity in UK Engineering

Temitope Akinremi joined the Enterprise Research Centre (ESRC) at Warwick Business School in February 2018. Prior to that, she earned a PhD in Engineering Management from Coventry University, where she also worked as a Teaching Assistant. She has a BSc and an MSc in Chemical Engineering. Her experience also spans across the oil and gas industry and chemical process industry where she worked as a process engineer, process improvement researcher and business development manager with different companies.

Tomasz Mickiewicz

Head of Economics & Strategy Group, Aston Business School

Ully Yunita Nafizah

PhD student

Ully Yunita Nafizah is currently studying her PhD at the Warwick Business School researching on innovation and digital technology adoption. Ully gained her degree of BSc in Engineering Management at the Institut Teknologi Bandung and MSc in Innovation Management at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Ully also has experiences in academic teaching and consultancy in the area of industrial engineering and business development.

Ute Stephan

Chair of Entrepreneurship

Victor Ekpu

Research Consultant

Yanqing Lai

Research Assistant

Ying Zhou