Our Research Associates’ Network is a group of individuals who are affiliated with the ERC through their research interests and collaboration. The membership of this diverse group includes researchers from the UK, Europe and beyond. They are allied with a theme (or themes) that relate most closely to their areas of interest. Through the network we are aiming to enhance our existing research links, learn from Associates’ expertise, develop new links with other researchers and networks, encourage contributions to high-quality publications and presentations, encourage participation of younger researchers and develop a programme of nationally distributed thematic seminars.

Aloña Martiarena

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Aloña Martiarena is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at IE University. Her research lies in the intersection of Entrepreneurship and Business Economics. She is particularly interested in understanding the origin of entrepreneurs, by this meaning their previous employment experience, as a means of understanding entries into entrepreneurship and subsequent performance of new businesses.

Andrew James

Senior Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer, Institute of Innovation and Research, Manchester Business School

Andrew James is a Senior Lecturer in Science and Technology Policy and Management and a member of the Manchester Institute of Innovation and Research at MBS. His research and teaching interests focus on corporate technology strategy, innovation management and science and technology policy, as well as business strategy. He has engaged in research and consultancy with companies from a diverse range of sectors including chemicals, industrial electronics and pharmaceuticals but his particular focus is on the industrial and technological dynamics of the defence, security and aerospace sectors.

Andrew Thomas

Director of Research

Andrew Thomas is a Professor of Production and Supply Chain Management and Director of Research at Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University.
His research interests include: industrial management, forensic engineering systems, supply chain management, quality management and, production engineering management. More specifically, his interests include; Lean management, Knowledge management and understanding the issues around value and the perceptions of value in business.

Andy Lockett

Warwick Business School

Andy is Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship and Pro-Dean at Warwick Business School. At the Centre he is jointly responsible for the research theme investigating Entrepreneurship Leadership and Capabilities and their impact on SME Growth.

Aniela Kuhl

PhD Student, Hunter Centre for Enterprise, Strathclyde Business School

Aniela's research focusses on the "Rewards of Entrepreneurship: Constructing Economic Well-being within Entrepreneurial Households". She will explore the concept of direct and indirect financial rewards that can be accrued from running a family business.

Anja Grinde Myrann

Research Fellow at the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research, Norway

Anja's research interests include; business dynamics, bankruptcy, entrepreneurship and gender.

Anne-Marie Mohammed

Head Lecturer

Anne-Marie Mohammed is Head and Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.

Areti Gkypali

Research Fellow, ERC

Dr Areti Gkypali joined ERC in March 2016 as a Research Fellow working with Professors Stephen Roper, James Love and Nola Hewitt-Dundas focusing on SMEs, innovation, productivity, exports and business eco-systems. Prior to joining the ERC, Areti worked at the Department of Economics, University of Patras for two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow where she also obtained her PhD in Economics

Bo (Grace ) Peng

Research Fellow

Bo’s main research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurial finance. Her current research focuses on exploring how the entrepreneurial identity influence entrepreneurial external research acquisition via IPO as well as their exit strategies after IPO.

Carl-Magnus Bjuggren

The Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)

Carl-Magnus is employed as a Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) in Sweden. His research interests include applied microeconomics, firm dynamics, family firms and labour economics.

Colin Mason

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

Colin's research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurship and regional development. His specific research interest is in entrepreneurial finance and he has written extensively on business angel investing and been closely involved with Government and private sector initiatives to promote informal venture capital.

Cord-Christian Drews

PhD Student, Aston Business School

Cord-Christian is currently finishing his ESRC Case Award funded PhD at Aston Business School, with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as the Case Award’s project partner. His thesis considers the value of longitudinal analysis of business support programmes, and the surrounding methodological challenges.

Dan Johansson

HUI Research, Sweden

Dan Johansson is Professor of Economics at the HUI Research Institute in Sweden. His research interests include: entrepreneurship, firm dynamics, structural transformation, institutional economics, enterprising and conditions of enterprising.

Darja Reuschke

Lecturer, University of St Andrews

Dr Darja Rueschke is a lecturer at the University of St Andrews. Her research explores the links between small businesses and entrepreneurship with housing and neighbourhoods and the complex interactions between work life and home life.

Deborah Allcock

Senior Lecturer in Strategy & Department Lead for Enterprise

Deborah is senior lecturer and departmental lead for enterprise at the University of Huddersfield’s Business School. Her primary research focuses on the development of executive pay and corporate governance at the point of the initial public offering. She also engages with strategic planning and practitioner aspects of strategic management.

Deniz Ucbasaran

Warwick Business School

Deniz is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) at Warwick Business School. Her research centres around the individual entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial team at the heart of entrepreneurial activity.

Donald Siegel

Dean, School of Business, University at Albany, State University of New York

Donald's research interests include; university technology transfer, impacts of entrepreneurship and technological change, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and the economics of gambling.

Douglas Cumming

Ontario Research Chair, Schulich School of Business, York University

Douglas's research interests include venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, entrepreneurship, and law and finance.

Drew Gertner

Research Fellow, Birmingham University

Drew works with Professors Kiran Trehan and Monder Ram at the University of Birmingham on Mapping and Activating Support for Diverse Business Networks through the Enterprise & Diversity Alliance (EDA). The purpose of this work is to utilise the Enterprise Diversity Alliance (EDA) to engage directly with diverse businesses in order to promote better relationships with the finance sector and support availability to these firms.

Eleanor Shaw

Head of Department, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

Eleanor's research interests include entrepreneurial philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial networks and forms of entrepreneurial capital.

Eleni Kesidou

PhD Student, Hunter Centre for Enterprise, Strathclyde Business School

Eleni's research focuses on entrepreneurial leadership and the connections between entrepreneurial leadership and organizational performance.

Enrico Vanino

ERC Research Fellow

Enrico’s research is mainly focused on the micro-level analysis of firm performance, in particular regarding international and R&D activities. Enrico is concluding his PhD in Economics at the University of Birmingham. He has been a visiting researcher at the Hong Kong University and has collaborated on several consultancy projects and for the European Commission DG Trade.

Erik Monsen

Director of Research, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

Erik's career has crossed disciplinary (engineering, management, economics) and geographic (US, Germany, UK) boundaries on his journey from designing better aircraft to designing better entrepreneurial organisations.

Erkko Autio

Chair in Technology Venturing and Entrepreneurship

Erkko's research interests are in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship policy, innovation ecosystems, innovation momentum strategies, business model innovation and innovation from Big Science.

Friederike Welter

Advisory Group

Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter is President of the IfM Bonn (Institut für Mittel-standsforschung) and professor for SME management and entrepreneurship, at University of Siegen, Germany,

Gabriella Cacciotti

PhD Student, Warwick Business School

Gabriella is interested in the impact of the fear of failure on the entrepreneurial process.

George Saridakis

Kingston University Business School

George is Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and his research focuses on the econometric analysis of cross-sectional, time-series and panel data related to entrepreneurship, small businesses and illicit behaviour.

Gerard Hodgkinson

Professor of Strategic Management and Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School

Gerard's research focuses of the analysis of cognitive processes in strategic decision making (including the nature and role of intuition) and the evaluation of techniques for overcoming cognitive bias and inertia in such decisions.

Helen Xia

Lecturer, Loughborough University

Helen's current research includes open innovation and small firms, comparisons of SME innovation strategies and government policies; and emerging science and technology based industries.

Helena Lenihan

Professor of Economics, University of Limerick

Helena Lenihan is Professor of Economics at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland. She is an applied economist whose research interests include the economics of innovation, innovation and innovation policy, drivers of firm performance and growth, innovation, science and industrial policy evaluation, innovation and human capital, and industrial/enterprise development and policy. Helena is Chair of the University of Limerick’s Research Impact Committee.

James H Love

Professor of International Business.

Jim Love Is Professor of International Business at Leeds University Business School. He previously held Chairs in international business and economics at Aston, Birmingham and Warwick Universities, and earlier worked in the economics department at Strathclyde University. His background is in applied microeconomics, principally in the fields of international business and innovation. Most of his work is empirical, using firm-level datasets. Jim is a senior researcher in the Enterprise Research Centre, an independent research organisation which conducts policy-relevant research on SME growth and development. His work here is innovation, exporting and growth in SMEs

James Hayton

Associate Dean Doctoral Programme, Warwick Business School

James’ research interests are in the applied psychology of entrepreneurship and the application of HRM practices to the development of entrepreneurial capabilities in established organisations.

Johan de Borst

PhD Student, Hunter Centre for Enterprise, Strathclyde Business School

Johan’s PhD research will explore how entrepreneurial households construct economic well-being and the potential impact of entrepreneurial households in their support or curtailment of business growth ambitions.

John Wilson

Professor of Banking & Finance

John Wilson is Professor of Banking & Finance and the Director of Research at the School of Management, University of St Andrews. He is also Director of the Centre for Responsible Banking & Finance. He can be contacted at:

Julia Korosteleva

Senior Lecturer, University College London

Julia's research interests lie in the field of entrepreneurship, regional development and entrepreneurship, start-up finance, financial development, and transition economics.

Julia Rouse

Principal Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, MMU Business School

Julia's research investigates entrepreneurship as a route of social mobility. She is the founder and Co-Chair of the Gender and Enterprise Network (GEN), an international community of more than 400 stakeholders interested in advancing and employing scholarship on women’s enterprise and the gendering of entrepreneurship.

Karen Bonner

Senior Economist, Ulster University Economic Policy Centre

Karen is a senior economist at Ulster University’s Economic Policy Centre and also works with the ERC on projects relating to entrepreneurship, business demography and innovation. She is involved primarily in firm-level economic research utilising micro-data to examine aspects of firm performance in both Northern Ireland and the UK. Karen works with ERC members to produce the UK Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Other recent projects include those for BEIS, DfE, and Scottish Enterprise. Previously she worked as a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Katherine Hathaway


Katherine is an Associate of the Enterprise Research Centre, having been ERC's Deputy Director responsible for Strategy and Stakeholders between 2014 and 2016, on secondment from the Department for Business, Energy, Innovation & Skills. Katherine has a background in leading policy development, stakeholder engagement, major project management and service design.

Kelly Smith

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Kelly Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship in the Department of Management at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. She also holds a PhD from the University of Birmingham. She has lead undergraduate-level Venture Creation Programmes at Coventry University and the University of Huddersfield, and student and graduate entrepreneurship initiatives across the West Midlands and Yorkshire.

Kevin Mulligan

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Kevin Mulligan is a Post-Doctoral Researcher based at the Department of Economics, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland. Kevin is currently working on a research project funded by Science Foundation Ireland, titled “Evaluating the impact of science policy on the economy and society: A national evaluation and international benchmarking of science policy in Ireland”. Kevin’s research interests include firm-level R&D, science and innovation policy evaluation and policy mix.

Kiran Trehan

University of Birmingham

Kiran is Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development at the University of Birmingham. She is a leading expert on enterprise, and diversity in ethnic minority entrepreneurship. She has been instrumental in shaping policy on work on supply chain relationships, access to finance and access to markets in ethnic minority businesses.

Kun Fu

Research Fellow, Imperial College London

Kun's recent work investigates the impact of the knowledge base of industrial clusters on innovation performance of start-up firms and national institutions, such as IPR regime and competition policy on the emergence of technology entrepreneurship.

Laura Heery

Economist at the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre

Laura Heery is an Economist at the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre. Her research interests include economic policy research, competitiveness, labour market analysis, and sub-regional development.

Leon Oerlemans

Tilburg University, Netherlands

Leon is Professor in Organisation Dynamics and founder member of the Centre of Innovation Research (CIR). His current research is in inter-organisational relationships and networks, innovation, and temporary organisation with a special focus on SMEs.

Louise Scholes

Reader, Loughborough University London

Dr Louise Scholes is a Reader at Loughborough University London. Her main research interests include the relationship between governance and ownership of family firms and firm strategy (particularly related to innovation and entrepreneurship) as well as management buyouts and their consequences.

Lucrezia Casulli

Lecturer, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde University

Lucrezia's research interests include international entrepreneurship, coupled with her passion for cognitive psychology, lead her to research the reasoning processes that individuals engage in when confronted with internationalisation opportunities and challenges.

Marco Felici


Marco Felici
Marco currently works at the Social Market Foundation, where he undertakes quantitative research on issues relating to skills policy and business growth.

Marina Biniari

Lecturer, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde University

Marina's research focuses on the origins and sustainability of entrepreneurial behaviour within existing companies, across different levels of analysis.

Michael Fritsch

Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany

Michael's main fields of research are new business formation processes and their impact on economic development, innovation systems and innovation behaviour, economic development strategies, as well as markets and market failure.

Mika Maliranta

Research Director, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)

Mika is Research Director at the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA) at the University of Jyvaskyla. His research interests include; productivity, micro-level dynamics of productivity growth, job and worker flows, spillovers, ICT, R&D, education and competition.

Mike Spicer

Director of Research, BCC

Mike joined the BCC in February 2011 and became Director of Research and Economics in January 2014. He directs the BCC's policy research and survey programme. Mike represents the BCC externally on business policy and matters relating to local economic development.

Monder Ram OBE

Director, Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME), Aston Business School, Aston Univerissty

Professor Monder Ram OBE is the Director of Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME), based in Aston Business School, Aston University. He has extensive experience of working in, researching and acting as a consultant to small and ethnic minority businesses. He is a leading authority on small business and ethnic minority entrepreneurship research and has published widely on the subject.

Natalia Vershinina

Principal Lecturer at the Department of Strategic Management and Marketing, Leicester Business School, De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester, UK

Dr. Natalia Vershinina is a Principal Lecturer at the Department of Strategic Management and Marketing, Leicester Business School, De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester, UK and has been with the institution for fourteen years. She has a PhD in Business Relationships and prior to that completed MBA with Distinction from DMU, and Deng with Distinction from St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. She has co-authored the market-leading Management textbook with Richard Daft and Martyn Kendrick.
Her main teaching and research area is entrepreneurship and small firms with particular interest in ethnic minority entrepreneurship, effect of gender on women's enterprise in UK and transition economies context. She is a Entrepreneurship SIG Track Co-Chair for British Academy of Management Conference, and Co-Chair for Family and Community Enterprise Track at Institute for Small Business and Enterprise Conference.

Neil Lee

Assistant Professor

Neil Lee is an Assistant Professor in Economic Geography at the LSE where he also serves as Director of the MSc in Local Economic Development and BSc in Geography with Economics.

Nick Wilson

Director of the Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC)

Nick's work combines academic rigour with practical and policy relevance. He has held the Chair in Credit Management and Finance at Leeds University Business School since 1998 and is Director of the Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC). He is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management (FICM).

Nicos Nicolaou

Professor - Warwick Business School

Nicos Nicolaou is a Professor at Warwick Business School with research interest in Entrepreneurship, Genetics of Entrepreneurship, Biology of Entrepreneurship, Middle Market Firms, Social Networks, Behavioral Genetics, University Spinouts and Innovation.

Nida Broughton

Chief Economist

Nida is Chief Economist at the Social Market Foundation, where she leads the SMF’s research on business policy, entrepreneurship, economic growth and employment. Nida previously worked at the House of Commons, where she advised MPs and committees on a broad range of economic issues, and in particular, on financial services. Nida also has in-depth expertise in regulation and competition policy, gained whilst working at Ofcom, the UK regulator and competition authority for communications markets.

Niels Bosma

Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Utrecht University

Niels's research interests evolve around individuals' entrepreneurial and innovative behaviour in regional and social contexts, with a particular interest in social entrepreneurship.

Nigel Driffield

Professor of International Business

Nigel Driffield is Professor of International Business at Warwick Business School in the UK, having held a similar post at Aston Business School for 10 years which included a spell as the Dean of the Business School. He has a PhD from Reading University, and has published some 75 academic papers across a range of disciplines including international business, regional science, finance, and economics. He recently held a prestigious Leverhulme Fellowship, investigating the impact of internationally mobile capital on both home and source countries, particularly in terms of competitiveness and labour markets.

Oksana Koryak

Lecturer- Cranfield School of Management

Oksana’s main research interests are in the areas of decision making and cognition in the field of entrepreneurship. Her recent research investigated decision making by private equity and venture capital firms as well as the conceptualization of resilience in the context of entrepreneurship.

Osman Anwar

Senior Consultant

Osman Anwar, is a Senior Consultant with SQW. He has undertaken many finance policy evaluations and research studies in the UK and internationally. He works in collaboration with Oxford Innovation who assist potential high growth SMEs.

Priit Vahter

Senior Research Fellow. Warwick Business School

Priit's research covers various determinants of innovation and firm performance and effects of international trade and FDI.

Professor Sumon Bhaumik

Sheffield University Management School

Sumon is an established scholar who has both published in major international peer-reviewed journals, and has contributed to policy debates in the United Kingdom and India. His research has provided input for research and reports of organisations such as OECD, the Reserve Bank of India and the World Bank. Over the past ten years, he has worked on a number of research projects, some involving multi-country teams, funded by a wide range of agencies including ESRC.

Professor Susan Marlow

University of Nottingham Business School

Susan is Professor of Entrepreneurship and her research interests lie in the broad area of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviour with a particular focus on the influence of gender upon women’s entrepreneurship, high technology business incubation and employment relations.

Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz

Head of Economics & Strategy Group, Aston Business School

Professor Tomasz Mickiewicz joined Aston Business School in January 2012. He is now Head of the Economics and Strategy Group at Aston Business School. His previous position was Professor of Comparative Economics at SSEES University College London (since 2008), where he started as a lecturer in 1996. At the ERC he is part of the research team looking at Entrepreneurial Ambition.

Rebeca I. Muñoz Torres

Senior Lecturer

Rebeca I. Muñoz Torres is a Senior Lecturer in Economics. She joined the Westminster Business School in September 2008. Rebecca graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a first class degree in Economics and a postgraduate diploma in Mathematics Applied to Economics.

Robert Kloosterman

University of Amsterdam

Robert is Professor of Economic Geography and Planning, he is interested in what kind of economic activities take place in contemporary urban environments and how they are related to other aspects such as the institutional framework, the historical legacy in terms of economic orientation and urban morphology, and also to other urban developments, more specifically processes of polarisation of incomes and of insertion of migrants.

Robyn Owen

Associate Professor

Dr Robyn Owen is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance at the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research (CEEDR) Middlesex University Business School. Her research focuses on the financing of young potential high growth SMEs.

Rosa Caiazza

Professor of Management

Rosa Caiazza is PhD in Management and professor of Management at Parthenope University of Naples. She served as a board member for Academy of Management Perspective, Academy of Management Perspective, Small Business Economics, Management Decision, Journal of Management Development, Trends in Food Science & Technology, Corporate Governance and many other top-tier academic journals. She was visiting researcher at Wharton University of Philadelphia (USA). She was chairman of many EIASM Conferences and recipient of several ‘Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence’. She is the author of many articles on corporate governance, entrepreneurship, innovation and M&A published in top-tier academic journals such as Journal of Technology transfer, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Business Process Management Journal and Journal of Management Development

Ross Brown


Dr Ross Brown is a Lecturer in the School of Management, University of St Andrews. He is also a member of the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance at the University of St Andrews. His main research interests lie in the areas of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ecosystems, funding issues for small businesses, innovation policy and regional development.

Sally Gee

Research Fellow, The Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI), Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

Sally is a Research Fellow at The Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) and the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR). Sally's PhD on 'open innovation' in the bio-pharmaceutical sector focused on the dynamics of user-producer interactions for the creation and exchange of knowledge. She holds an MSc in Technology Management from Manchester School of Management (Distinction) and a BSc International Management and North American Business Studies from UMIST, UK and McMaster University, Canada (First Class Honours).

Samuel Mwaura

Research Fellow, Strathclyde University

Samuel works with Professor Sara Carter at the Hunter Centre at the University of Strathclyde. His research interests include Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Firm Performance.

Sandra Gottschalk

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Industrial Economics and International Management (ZEW)

Sandra's research focuses on topics concerning the founding and closing of enterprises. In particular, she analyses the influence of the founder's human capital relating to performance, development, and probability of closing of start-up enterprises.

Sara Carter

Associate Director

Sara is Deputy Principal at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde University. At the ERC Sara leads the research on under represented groups in enterprise. Her research focuses extensively on entrepreneurship policy, gender, entrepreneurship and finance; and rewards and lifestyles within the entrepreneurial household.

Saul Estrin

Head of School of Management, London School of Economics (LSE)

Saul's research interests include: business opportunities and investment strategies in emerging markets, privatisation, transition economics and economic development, labour and industrial economics and competition and foreign direct investment.

Sophie Manigart

Vlerick Business School, Ghent University, Belgium

Sophie's research focusses on the financing strategies of entrepreneurial companies, including venture capital, private equity and business angel finance.


Professor in International Strategy

SUMA ATHREYE is Professor in International Strategy at Brunel Business School and is a member of the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and International Business Group.

Teresa Schlüter

Economic Analyst

Dr Teresa Schlüter is an economic analyst at the German advisory council on global change where she works on sustainable urban development. She holds a PhD from the London School of Economics in Economic Geography. Her interests lie in the areas of urban and labour economics, inequality, innovation policy and micro-econometrics.

Tiago Botelho


Tiago Botelho, is a Lecturer in Finance and Business Strategy at the Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia. He is a specialist in business angel finance and undertaking large-scale quantitative analysis.

Victor Ekpu

Research Fellow

Victor is currently working on the ERC project on accessing and using alternative finance. His wider research interests are in business finance and growth, business lending and bank profitability, bank lending to SMEs, macroeconomics and financial linkages, financial innovation, and monetary and financial stability policies.

Yama Temouri

Lecturer, International Business, Aston Business School.

Yama's research interests are in applied international trade and investment issues, in particular related to foreign direct investment and its effects on firm performance and labour markets.

Yanqing Lai

Research Assistant

Yanqing Lai is a Research Assistant in Leadership/HRM in Edinburgh Napier Business School. She received her PhD in Business Management from Kingston University London in 2016,